The Great YA Quest

As a single reader who’s over thirty, I have no business reading sappy fiction written for hormonal teens… and yet I do. Again and again and again. I have run across some amazing young adult books, so I am constantly on a quest to prove that old farts like myself can enjoy them, too. I have encountered some true gems and some true duds, but the quest must continue! Join me if you have ever wanted to read a book about an independent heroine and instead ended up learning what a teenaged boy smells like (clean sweat, what even is that), what color his eyes are (cold steel blue-grey or chocolate brown), and what he tastes like (evergreen mint gum and hormones).


Descendent of the Crane

The Grace Year

Reflection: A Twisted Tale

Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters

Kill the Boy Band

Little Creeping Things

Available anywhere podcasts are streamed! Currently on a hiatus, but season 2 is in the works!

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